Friday, November 23, 2012

You Big Chicken!

Last Spring my 9 yo, Quinn, found an egg at the baseball field.  He wrapped it in his shirt and loved that egg.  He kept it warm by creating a heating lamp and he put it in a cage so little kids wouldn't harm it.  He turned it every few hours just like any mama duck.

I really wanted that egg to hatch so he would be rewarded for loving it so much.  So, I "made" it hatch, magically, and with a little help from the local feed store.

Wow, he really loved that duck!  Look how happy he is!

So, then the duck looked lonely.  I thought the duck looked just fine, but everyone else in the house agreed that he was lonely.

We got two chicks to keep the duck happy, and I thought it would be cute for Easter anyway.  But then the duck and chicks needed a place to live.  So my husband built this wonderful coop.

But it was so big!  My husband thought we should get more chickens to fill up this great big coop!  So, now we have about 20 chickens and two ducks.  I don't think I have mentioned that we live in the city, and we are one step away from those loud birds getting the authorities called to our doorstep.

We get about a dozen eggs a day now.  And I have to say that the big white duck, Viola, has so much personality, that now I LOVE a DUCK! 

There is Myrtle, Mavis, Flo, Hazel, Mable, and Martha.  I gave them all turn of the century womens names.  Women who would have on an apron and be in the kitchen making chicken! I crack myself up sometimes. :)


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