Friday, November 23, 2012

Bells on her fingers and rings on her toes

This is Jubilee, and those aren't exactly rings on her fingers, they are black olives.  

I am thankful this Thanksgiving that I have all my children alive and well.  This little girl almost didn't make it.  She was born at 27 weeks and was very fragile at first.  We were worried that we would never get to bring her home.  But this Thanksgiving she is 5 and is as perfect and healthy as any full term 5 year old.

Every year we try to make a better dinner, and to remind my self about what works and what doesn't, I am going to make this post.  Feel free to add any comments to make all Thanksgivings better everywhere!

Bake the turkey.  That turkey cooker thing doesn't work, quit trying to make it work.  Cook the turkey in the over like every one else.  We put the turkey in the turkey fryer at 1:00, and it still wasn't done at 6:30.  I was a little nervous to serve it, as I like my bird WELL DONE!

The stuffing was a hit!  The trick I finally figured out was to measure the broth, not guess.  And I mixed it in a big bowl and poured it into the baking dish.  I also added 10 eggs.

Do not buy pies from the bakery.  They put way too much cinnamon in the pecan pie that I bought.  They weren't that great.

Doubling the roll recipe only made 2 1/2 dozen rolls.  So next time, double or quadruple it!

Playing cards after dinner was a huge hit, and we all laughed until we cried.

Watching the parade in the morning while eating cinnamon rolls and sausage and egg taquitos was very fun, and held us over until that very late dinner.

Also, I need to remember that my new son in love enjoys the turkey leg, likes chocolate pie, and will win every card game unless we gang up on him.  

Feeling very blessed today!

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