Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning sickness take 15

When you have a big family, you often hear things like, " pregnancy must be so easy for you!" Once again, they are wrong.  Pregnancy is hard the first time, the fifth time, and the fifteenth time.  I seemed to get morning sickness extra early this time ( 5 weeks) and it is still around now at 9 weeks.  I have kept accurate records with all my pregnancies and morning sickness is only supposed to last 3 weeks for me!  Why do I still feel so yucky?  Ugh!

So, to try to help myself remember to actually do all my morning sickness strategies, I will share them with you:

1. Morning sickness magic from amazon.  Works great if you remember to take it.
2. 25 mg of unisom every night ( side benefit, sleep so heavy that you won't remember all those creepy             early pregnancy dreams)
3. Lemon or lime in the water, and drink lots!
4. Keep sour candies in the purse at all times.  Make sure to hide them in the tiny side pocket so children won't notice them.
5. Eat every 5 minutes.
6. Cucumbers in vinegar! Yum!
7. Take the iron pill at night, or risk being sick all day.
8. Walk!  Exercise seems to keep the sickies away ( during the minutes of exercise anyway).

I am open to any other tried and true tricks to get through early pregnancy.  Hopefully I can post a feeling better post soon.